Read 150+ Books Per Year: A Guide to Hyper SPEED READING and Learning


Unlock your full reading potential and transform your life with our Ultimate Speed Reading Guide.

This guide will show you how to read 150+ books in a year, giving you the power to devour knowledge and understanding faster than ever before.

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material you have to read and the limited amount of time you have to do it? Do you struggle with reading?

We live in an era where success is not only determined by physical strength, but by mental power. By harnessing the power of speed reading, you can unlock decades of knowledge in a matter of days.

Speed reading allows you to process and retain information at lightning speed, freeing up valuable time in your day. Say goodbye to re-reading pages and hello to a world of new ideas, conversations, and perspectives.

My mission is to help you enhance your reading abilities so that you can not only read faster, but also comprehend, focus, and enjoy the material more.

Table of Contents

Eliminate Subvocalization (The Hidden Barrier to Speed Reading)

Do you find yourself reading every word slowly and deliberately as if you were speaking it out loud?

If so, you may be guilty of subvocalizing, a common barrier to speed reading. This habit is rooted in our childhood when we learned to read by sounding out each word. However, subvocalizing can SIGNIFICANTLY slow down your reading speed, hindering your ability to process information quickly and efficiently.

Speed reading is all about breaking out of the subvocalization habit and reading multiple words simultaneously, without slowing down to articulate each one.

By using speed reading techniques, you can improve your information processing speed and increase your reading efficiency.

Focus & Clear The Mind

Speed reading requires total focus and concentration. If your mind is wandering, you’ll miss important details and fail to comprehend the text fully. This is why many people find themselves re-reading the same passages over and over again.

Don’t let your mind hold you back from unlocking your full reading potential.

To be a successful speed reader, it’s essential to take control of your mental focus. Spend 30-60 seconds clearing your mind by focusing on your breathing and getting into a relaxed state.

This will enable you to fully engage with the text, boosting both your speed and comprehension.

Strengthen Your Eye Muscles

Exercising your eyes can help improve your speed-reading performance by strengthening the eye muscles, which can increase reading speed and accuracy.

Crossing the midline and creating cross-laterals can also help stimulate communication between the left and right brain. Your eyes are muscles, and exercising them can help you reap the benefits of speed-reading.

Short exercises and regular practice will improve your reading speed, with some basic techniques, including tracing words with your finger and using eye-tracking methods while reading.

Eye-tracking can be done by following the movements of text lines with your eyes without blinking or moving them away from the text. When combined with other speed reading techniques like skimming or scanning, strengthening those eye muscles will boost your reading speed!

Learn The Optimal Eye Pattern

Transform your reading experience with the power of reading patterns.

Speed reading requires a different approach than traditional reading, such as reverse scanning, backward motion, and a combination of left-to-right, right-to-left, and vertical forward and backward motion, to improve both speed and comprehension.

Peripheral Vision

Quick readers use their peripheral vision to see groups of words together, instead of individual letters. This technique reduces the number of stops and saves time.

Utilize peripheral vision by indenting an inch on both sides of the page to still get the full sight of the words.

To practice, grab a book and move your finger from left to right, indenting about one inch or 2.5 centimeters from the left and back from the right. Do this for three minutes.

Remember: eyes follow your fingers. This technique helps focus and progress quickly, as children naturally use their fingers to read and our eyes are attracted to motion.

Daily Routine

It’s time to take action and bring your speed-reading skills to the next level.

Incorporate the concepts you’ve learned into a daily routine to help you strengthen your eye muscles, reduce sub-vocalization, and establish a new habit of speed reading.

Make the most of your newfound knowledge and commit to a daily routine that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and effective information processing.

Step 1: Begin with a 5-Minute EyeQ Session

Unleash the full potential of your mind with the power of EyeQ™. This scientifically-backed program is designed to train your brain to think faster and more efficiently, so you can tackle anything life throws your way with ease.

Just like physical exercise helps build and maintain strength, daily EyeQ™ exercises will keep your brain in top shape.

Engage in just 5 minutes of EyeQ™ before you start reading to help eliminate sub-vocalization, strengthen your eye muscles, and train you to read forwards AND backward.

Step 2: Use Spritz App / WordRunner For Reading

Spritz and WordRunner are both tools that use a technology called RSVP.

This technology is used to flash single words at a time, increasing your focus and comprehension speed. Spritz is a web-based app for reading text online, while WordRunner is specific to Kindle books.

RSVP technology is a method of quickly increasing reading speed and comprehension by presenting text in a rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) format. RSVP technology works by displaying text on a computer screen one word at a time, with each new word appearing after only a short interval.

Unlike traditional, serial reading methods which present words consecutively in lines, RSVP technology allows readers to comprehend words before they have fully left the field of vision.

The secret is to practice reading at the fastest speed (900+ WPM) and gradually reduce it to 400-500 WPM.

Please note that these apps should be used in conjunction with eyeQ training and other speed reading techniques.

Step 3: Optimize For Comprehension

Maximize your reading potential and use Google Books as your preferred reading app. With its highlight and note-taking capabilities, you’ll be able to capture important insights and have them automatically saved in your Google Drive for future reference.

Revisit and review notes to reinforce learning. For non-fiction books, take it a step further and put into action the recommended steps to solidify your understanding and implement the knowledge.

Supercharge Your Learning

Learn even faster and achieve your goal of reading one book per day with the following resources:


With a library of over 25 years and full content compatibility with Android phones, iOS tablets, and Kindle readers, Audible is a MUST-HAVE for all book lovers.

One of the best features of Audible is the ability to adjust the playback speed to 1.5x or faster. With some practice, you’ll be able to comprehend content at double the speed and make rapid progress through any book, even while on the go.


Unlock a world of knowledge with ShortForm. This source of information provides you with the most crucial and relevant insights from across the globe, making it easier for you to stay informed.

ShortForm’s clear writing style, in-depth analysis, and engaging perspectives make understanding an issue or concept effortless. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of each topic, going beyond just the facts.


Founded by four friends in 2012, Blinkist’s innovative platform allows you to take advantage of even your spare moments to learn and grow. With a 4.6-star rating on both the iOS and Google Play stores, you can trust that Blinkist is a TOP-QUALITY resource for knowledge seekers.

Additional Resources

The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program

With over 60 years of experience, the Evelyn Wood Program of Dynamic Learning program teaches you to harness your mental powers for exceptional retention, comprehension, and concentration, allowing you to accelerate your reading speed.

Howard Berg Mega Speed Reading

Reading at an exceptional speed is a sought-after ability, and Howard Berg is here to help you achieve it. As a Guinness World Record holder for fastest reading, he has honed his techniques over the years and is now sharing his expertise with others through his Mega Speed Reading program.

Additional Resources:


With the tools and resources outlined in this guide, you can read more books, learn faster, and retain more information. From speed reading techniques and reading apps to specialized learning programs, there’s something for everyone to help supercharge your learning.

Whether you’re looking to read for personal growth, to advance in your career, or just to broaden your horizons, you now have the tools to make it happen. With dedication and commitment, you can unlock your reading potential and achieve your goal of reading 150+ books in a year.

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