ALPHA PICKUP Finesses $10,000+ in Tickets at the 2019 Billboard Awards...LEARN HOW WE DID IT.


What We've Accomplished & What You Can Too...

Party with Dan Bilzerian

Infilatrated (10/24)

You want to learn how to game 10s? 

And I mean REAL 10s?! First off all, you have to get access to them.

 They’re on yachts, in mansions, and traveling the world with rich celebrities. 

Especially with men like Dan Bilzerian. 

Learn how to the team at ALPHA PICKUP infiltrated this high end party and got ACCESS to the most exclusive event in the WORLD.


Infiltrate the Billboard Awards

Infilatrated (05/19)

One of our best accomplishments yet, this day we infiltrated an event CRAWLING with Hollywood celebrities. 

The team at ALPHA PICKUP used the same exact strategies we used in all our events to talk our way in the most exclusive music event ever. 

Not only did we get $10,000+ in free tickets, we got ARTIST SEATS, where we sat directly behind Drake, G-Easy and Nicki Minaj. 

Not only is this considered nearly impossible to infiltrate, but it was easy and simple with the right techniques.

Jake & Logan Paul Wedding

Infilatrated (07/29)

All the most important people attended this wedding. 

Did you? In this photo, the team at ALPHA not only got inside the wedding of Jake & Logan Paul, we were able to network with the very people who helped throw it. 

Jake & Logan Paul are now good friends of ours. The type of social circle you will be able to build will blow away your friends and family.

 They probably won’t believe you. And in this FREE BREAKDOWN, we give you all the tools you need to do this over and over again yourself.