How to Destroy Social Anxiety, Excessive Worry, & Become Fearless


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Differentiating Worry, Anxiety, and Fear

Worry and anxiety are common experiences that most people face from time to time.

Fear is a response to a present or immediate danger or perceived threat.

Worry is a specific type of thinking that involves a sense of unease or concern about something that may or may not happen in the future. At the same time, anxiety is a more general feeling of apprehension or fear about future events or situations, which may or may not be related to a specific threat.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Fear is a natural and adaptive response to perceived danger or threat, prompting us to take action to protect ourselves. However, when fear is excessive or irrational, it can interfere with daily activities and quality of life.

Explore the Root Causes

Most daily anxieties are based on subconscious fears from childhood or trauma, leading to exaggerated reactions and mental health issues.

Determine the source of your anxiety by examining past experiences and processing these feelings through meditation, acceptance, and letting go.

Talk to a therapist, practice relaxation techniques, or engage in empowering activities to find healthier ways to cope.

Recognize The Triggers

Identify what triggers your social anxieties and base fears to overcome them.

Visualizing yourself in the situation can help identify excuses and begin work on moving past the fear.

Question Them

It’s essential to differentiate between fear that is trying to keep you safe from harm and fear rooted in the past.

Question the validity of your worry, evaluate the situation objectively, and find evidence to support or disprove your concerns. Take action if necessary, and let go of unfounded worries.

Strategies for Eliminating Anxiety

Use It as Fuel

Reframe anxiety as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Train your prefrontal cortex through focus and meditation to control instinctual urges and stay in situations for growth.

Gradually Desensitize

Desensitization is a technique that can help overcome anxiety by gradually exposing ourselves to our anxieties in a controlled and structured manner.

Set small, achievable goals that gradually increase in difficulty, and focus on building a positive track record of small victories.

Accept it

This can help reduce the shame and embarrassment that often comes with it. Focus on changing your breath and body language to reduce anxiety in the moment.

Change Your Language

Replace negative language around anxiety with positive language, such as “I’ll do it anyway” or my all-time favorite, “Fuck it.”


Designate “Worry Time”

Choose a specific time each day to dedicate to worrying. Focus on your worries, find solutions during this time, and concentrate on the present moment outside your designated worry time.

Limiting your worry time can help improve focus and productivity throughout the day.

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How to Destroy Social Anxiety, Excessive Worry, & Become Fearless

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