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Aspiring Alpha,

My entire life I obsessed over becoming the most alpha version of myself, with all the social confidence and ability to have any girl I wanted.

This took me down a decade long path of growth, studying everything I could on psychology, mindset, body language, and self development I could get my hands on.

I improved my appearance, spent years in the gym transforming my physique, and even grew a 6 figure online business.

Shortly after that, I ended up in a 3 year relationship where her and I traveled the world together.

We were happy. And I thought she was the one. But something in me knew I could have more.

And in 2016 I left her, and decided to put 100% of my time into game and developing a baller new lifestyle.

This hobby quickly grew into an obsession, and I was hitting the clubs every night, refining and developing my game really fast.

My plan was to start building a harem and fulfill my goal of having 3 girlfriends.

I started taking bootcamps, gaming with the best “PUA”s in the world, and left everything I know to move to Las Vegas and master this full time.

And then I realized something: most dating coaches I met are beta males with weak game.

I won’t name names, because some of them are even friends of mine.

But it’s time I finally expose this industry for what it is and these people for what they are: FRAUDS.

I was already dating real 9s and 10s, including Ms Universe winners, famous Instagram models, and adult film stars.

I had 3 girlfriends at the time, and I only had a few months experience of going out.

That’s when I realized that the secret to truly crushing it in your sex life comes down to developing yourself into an alpha male with REAL value, and mastery of some basics.

I’m not sure about you…but I’d rather learn from the guy who is stealing the girls from your instructor.

After getting so annoyed and frustrated with the dating community, I spent weeks breaking down my own results into something that I could teach and is easy to learn. I wanted to show guys a way to tag only the hottest girls, so you’re not stuck learning from the weirdos that get average results.

After looking for the guys with only the BEST game, as well as meeting and winging with 100s of self proclaimed playboys, I found only a handful of guys that are really living a lifestyle worth envying.

I thought if we could create a 3 day bootcamp where we transform men from the inside out, and show them how to pull the most stunning women, we’d crush it and totally dominate the dating industry.

In January 2019 Alpha Pickup was born.

What You Get With Every Bootcamp

At Alpha Pickup, we believe in over delivering. If it’s not to get our students results, then why do the bootcamps in the first place?

Each bootcamp is packed full of every piece of the puzzle when it comes to becoming high value and seducing women at a high level.

Here’s just a taste of what you get….

Fast, Scientifically Proven Coaching from the World’s Best ($2,500 value)

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve already followed other coaches. Don’t worry…Alpha Pickup is here to get you the sex life you want.

We’re tired of nerdy, beta PUAs who are trying to separate you from your money. Alpha Pickup was created out of frustration for the current coaches who were out there, and frankly we felt bad stealing girls from the instructors and their students.

At Alpha Pickup, we’ve recruited ONLY THE WORLDS MOST ELITE PLAYBOYS. These are the guys banging and stealing your favorite PUAs women in the club night after night.

“These are the best coaches on the planet, hands down.”
– Eric E (actual bootcamp student)

We have the results and the reputation to back up what we teach, and that’s what separates us from the frauds pickup wannabes happy with their average girls.

At Alpha Pickup, not only do we have a lifestyle most people envy, but we have a knack for teaching these skills and churning out alpha males.

During our bootcamp, you’ll get a chance to sit down with these underground players, pick their brain, and spend hours learning everything you want to know before you hit the club each night.

You’ll walk in feeling ready, confident and strong knowing we got your back.

Deep Inner Game Alpha Male Workshop ($1,000 value)

In this intensive workshop, you’ll discover who you really are as a person, what makes you tick, as well as connecting with real self assurance and inner self confidence. We’ll go over establishing boundaries, determine what types of women you like and don’t like, as well as cementing the mindsets that make you a MENTAL GIANT in any social situation.

As far as I know…NOBODY is talking about this. These exercises we’ll go over will give you a new perspective on life and on yourself, and give you a sense of strength you never knew was inside you.

If you’re gaming from a weak place in life, women will smell it and you’ll never truly get the results you want. Nate and the team at Alpha Pickup has coaches with insane core confidence and an ability to teach you how to get it.

Intense Day Game Session ($1,000 value)

Ready to finally learn how to meet, date and bang random girls during the day? Vegas has endless beautiful women from all over crawling the streets 24/7, and we’ll jam pack years of approaching experience into every session. We’ll show you how to pick them up anywhere: the mall, the gym, casino lobbies, wherever.

You’ll watch the masters in action all day long demonstrate everything we teach.

In every daygame session, we’ll break down every little concept and drill it into your head until it’s a part of who you are. Then we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to dominate these interactions on your own.

Not only that, but we’re the only coaches that offer a dead simple, proven structure that will show you why our students are even pulling in BROAD DAYLIGHT with our methods.

Never worry again about how you’re going to meet another girl again, even if you hate the club.

2 Night Game Sessions ($1,000 value)

Go out with our coaches to the best bars and clubs in the world and use everything you learned in a real environment! We’ll infiltrate VIP sections and tables full of famous people. You’ll learn how to game stippers, cocktail waitresses, and the bartender wherever you go.

Pulling is common and easy during these night game sessions. After all, this is Vegas, and we’ll show you a framework that is easy to adopt that makes taking girls out of the club and into your bedroom a natural progression.

Don’t worry about what you’re going to say ever again. We teach you exactly what to say to make HER qualify, quickly build attraction and get you pulling any stunner in less than 10 minutes. And there’s no routines or Mystery Method. Each nightgame session is SIX hours, for a total of 12 hours of in-field coaching. You’ll take massive action, and have us there coaching you from approach to pull.

Professional Fashion & Appearance Consultation ($500 value)

Let’s be honest: looks matter. They’re not everything, but nobody sleeps with the highest caliber women by slacking on their appearance or personal hygiene. As part of our bootcamp, you’ll get a consultation from some of the highest value men in the city. These are guys surrounded by the coolest VIP guests, celebrities, models and influencers.

As a model myself, I’ve transformed myself from an average looking guy into someone who gets paid to be on camera. You’ll learn anything you want to know so that you look your absolute best. We know style as well as all the best brands and exclusive places in the city. Get ready for a total transformation of yourself so that your new look matches the inner transformation that takes place.

1 on 1 Extended Coaching ($1,500 value)

Your results don’t stop just because your bootcamp is over. We actually care about our students and their results, and know that long term change is only possible with consistent practice, coaching and accountability.

Alpha Pickup helps by offering coaching to all bootcamp students up to 30 days. We’ll go over weekly sticking points so that you blast through all your personal issues getting in the way of massive pussy abundance. You can show me texts and day 2s, ask for suggestions and even get me to help you close certain girls. Nothing is off limits for our students, and whatever we can do to help, we will.

Having a mentor is one of the fastest ways to changing who you are as a person. This is like having a natural player as a best friend, one that will never judge you, be brutally honest with you and immerse aspiring alphas like you in our mentality to change you on a deep level.

Access to Private Alpha Group (Priceless)

As part of being an alumni, you get access to our Bootcamp Students VIP Private group. This is where a small community of us Alphas gather online to discuss rather controversial, explicit seduction strategies for bedding the hottest women fast. It’s a group dedicated to excellence in their lives not just in dating but in all areas. If you want to truly become high value, you must build yourself into the man you want to be.

This is NOT a Facebook group, and for that reason is only available to bootcamps students. If you’re tired of RSD forums that are crawling with weirdos and losers, you won’t find that here. These are high value guys you WANT in your life, so access to this community is priceless.

VIP TABLE SERVICE At Vegas’ Best Nightclub ($8,000+ value)

Part of rolling with Alpha Pickup is we “only” deal with VIP #CantSitWithUs. So with that being said you will have INSTANT high value when you are showing up to the club with us and with some of the most gorgeous women in Las Vegas.

Not only that but you will have VIP table service at one of Vegas’ epic nightswim pool parties or world top rated mega clubs.

“They really are about that Vegas life. We rolled in with like 20 girls and 7 guys and then all night it was constantly pulling groups of girls back. We got a booth that overlooked the pool of Encore and at one point it was just me pulling a group of 7 girls back to the booth. It was almost too many girls and not enough guys to entertain them all! These are good problems to have.”
– Keith Ali (June 2019)

There are no “If’s, and’s or but’s” You will already be high value at a table full of women that crave high value guys just like yourself.

VIP ACCESS to Alpha Pickup Events ($10,000+ value)

Alpha Pickup is more than just a dating company. We’re a COMMUNITY and a lifestyle! We also live the lifestyle we claim to live, and are constantly throwing the wildest parties you can imagine: mansion parties, trip to Cabo, and of course have plenty of models to mingle with and get to know on a personal level.

As an alumni from our bootcamps, you get 50% lifetime off VIP passes for all our upcoming events in Las Vegas! We regularly have famous people coming all the time, girls at a 5 to 1 ratio, and ticket costs can be as high as $2,000 for men.

Graduates are part of the community and the Alpha Family, so you get half off all your tickets for life, and get “first-access” rights since we sell out quickly.

Total value $ 26,250

  1. 3 Nights of Personalized Coaching ($2,500)
  2. Deep Inner Game Alpha Male Workshop ($750)
  3. TWO Intense Day Game Sessions ($2,000 value)
  4. TWO Full Night Game Sessions ($1,000)
  5. Fashion & Appearance Consultation ($500)
  6. 1 on 1 Extended Coaching ($1,500)
  7. Access to Private Alpha Group (PRICELESS)
  8. VIP TABLE SERVICE at Vegas’ Best Nightclub ($8,000)
  9. VIP Access to Alpha Pickup Events ($10,000+)

3 Day Bootcamp $26,250 Only $2,997


See What Our Students Have to Say...

“These guys are legit the next generation of pickup. I’ve never seen more natural game. So flawless and effortless. I’ve personally witness pickups and social interactions that previously to me, would’ve been impossible. Ever since working with them, I’m constantly traveling over to Las Vegas and staying at the Alpha House to learn as much as I can from these guys.”
Oz, Philly, PA

“Great bunch of dudes and know a lot about the game/lifestyle. The best coaching out there hands down. Get this part of your life handled right now.”
Eric E, Phoenix AZ

“Just do it. This is a huge part of your life and if you need help fixing it. These guys are the best. I feel like they really care about you getting to the next level in your game and make you take action. I believe in this company and anything else would have just been a big waste of money to me.”
– Rafael, Las Vegas, NV

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